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Qixxit - Travel from door to door with train, long distance bus, bike, plane, taxi, ride sharing, local transport and many other means of transport.With Qixxit you can travel easily and more comfortable based on your requirments. You do not need to use all different kinds of apps.Qixxit provides within one app a journey planner with a nationalwide travel information including all means of transport.
Planning and finding your perfect travel connection to your destination. With your own car, taxi, long distance bus, plane, carsharing, rental bike, rental car, public transport, ride sharing and many more.
There are different ways reaching your destination - Qixxit finds your best.
You can enter your starting point and destination in a few seconds. Whether favourites, last selected locations or stops and stations, POIs, car sharing or taxis in your area - everything is very quickly selected and you are ready to go.
Qixxit shows you the best connections arranged according to your personal preferences. Simply select what suits you best. To make it easier to maintain an overview, Qixxit tells yout the duration, price, arrival time, transfers and pedestrian routes. Better still, you can even book the tickets.
When you have decided on a route, Qixxit goes into accompaniment mode. Automatic reminders keep you up to date when you have put away your smartphone:- Transfer preview with timer- Progress bar- Real time data and much more
The Qixxit app makes all functions available to you. However Qixxit can do even more because, with your profile, you can access existing routes from anywhere or create new ones. This means you can also plan your trips conveniently on the computer and then call them up with your mobile phone or start the accompaniment function when you're on the way.

TABLETSQixxit app is not optimized for tablets at the moment but we are working on it. In the meantime we would suggest to use our website
REVIEWS & FEEDBACKTo steadily improve our app, we are constantly working on technical refinements. If you like Qixxit, we would welcome your positive rating in the app store. In the event of suggestions, ideas or questions, you can also write to us at